uRecycle Group Strategy


Today, because of our close relationships
with our strategic partners and customers, we are:



Our Company’s Values & Priorities Are
Manifested Throughout Our Business Processes & Systems



Customer Satisfaction and Alignment

We are fundamentally aligned with our partners and customers to improve their financial performance and to invest in new technologies across our ecosystem.

Commitment To Our Employees

Our employees are our most important and valued assets.

We are actively committed to the communities of our employees and their families.

Well-being, morale and advancement are core to our values.

Continuous Improvement of Business Processes

We have invested heavily in defining, documenting and continuously improving all of our business processes.

We are constantly enhancing and upgrading our proprietary business systems to support our operational, financial and reporting capabilities.

uRecycle Group’s 3-Year Business Aims

Business Aims 2018-2020

Europe: One of the three largest battery recyclers at 20,000 MT per annum by 2020

United Kingdom: Main operator in battery recycling at 10,000 MT per annum in 2019

North America: Establish li-ion export operations in 2018 at 2,000 MT per annum and sorting/shredding operations in 2019

Russia: Establish export operations in 2018