Partners in close co-operation

Our focus is to work closely with our partners and customers. Near future business expansion is targeted in improving the collection program performance, expanding geographical footprint and marked share as well as creating new value especially for the strategic partners.

The key is to be ready for the electric vehicle revolution, reinvent the reverse supply chain and recover stored energy. It requires continuous innovations like reinventing sorting and shredding processes and expanding investment in new recovery technologies for raw materials.

Team up with us and be part of the Blue-Sky Thinking!

uRecycle - strategic partners and customers

Business Expansion

  • Improve collection programme performance
  • Expand geographical footprint and market share
  • Search for and create value for new strategic partners

Blue-Sky Thinking

  • Prepare for the electric vehical revolution
  • Reinvent the reverse supply chain
  • Recover stored energy

Continuous Process Innovation

  • Reinvent sorting and shredding processes
  • Expand investment in new recovery technologies for raw materials