A complete battery recycling service – from ordering to the recycling report

uRecycle® is a company offering a complete portable and industrial battery recycling service, covering all the steps from ordering, transportation and storage to recycling and reporting. We take care of everything on your behalf!

Our service includes all the steps from permit compliance and approval to reporting for customers and authorities according to current EU legislation – and most importantly, we also provide guidance for safe handling of lithium-ion batteries.

uRecycle’s® responsibility and strict compliance with Health and Safety regulations ensures environmental safety and the safety and security of those involved in handling waste batteries at every step of the recycling process. 

uRecycle Group Highlights

uRecycle Group consists following battery recycling companies:

  • uRecycle® Industrial Batteries Oy, founded in 2014
  • uRecycle® Portable Batteries Oy, founded in 2006
  • uRecycle® Battery Materials Oy, founded in 2006
  • uRecycle® Industrial Batteries Ltd, founded in 2015
  • uRecycle® Portable Batteries Ltd, founded in 2016
  • uRecycle® Battery Materials Ltd, founded in 2017

We have operational experience primarily in Scandinavia and the UK, but we also have local partners in several northern European countries.

Our local partners operate in accordance with the uRecycle company concept, values and established processes.

Our business values are:

  • Safety first and foremost
  • Reliability & rapid response to issues
  • Transparency to all stakeholders
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Environmental stewardship