All-in-one solution for battery recycling providers

uTrack makes the recycling process traceable. It means real-time monitoring and secure management of your property, a required risk assessment and safe packaging and transporting according to the ADR requirements and EU legislation. This process reduces the risk of environmental damage.

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Client portal

uTrack is used through a client portal. There you can make collection requests, search for orders, view invoices and download reports. Secure real-time reporting and monitoring also help you to improve your own processes.

• Make a collection request
• Search for orders
• View invoices
• Download reports

Mobile application

The uTrack mobile application is designed to reduce any risks. Before packing the container, the application requires inspection of the batteries. If any problems are observed, the container and battery will be handled with special care.

Both single containers and the box-in-box system allow easy and safe packaging of damaged lithium-ion batteries.

The uTrack application provides safety instructions for users directly.

• Container received check
• Moving empty container
• Taking container in use
• Battery inspection
• Packing
• Moving container
• Safety instruction tools
• Working tasks

Map view

The containers are handled and transported in accordance with the ADR. With uTrack, you can manage and monitor your property in real time all the way from your site to the recycling plant.

• Real-time tracking
• Status of services
• Transparency
• Search function

See uTrack Managing Battery Recycling video