Secure industrial battery recycling service

We offer a complete and secure industrial battery recycling service for our clients. Our service includes all the steps from permit compliance and approval to reporting for customers and authorities – and most importantly, we also provide guidance for safe handling of lithium-ion batteries.

Recycling Services
• Permit compliance and approval
• Removal and recovery, collection and transport of industrial batteries and accumulators
• Pre-treatment, discharging where required and disassembly to recover cell
• Battery materials recycling
• Reporting to customer and authorities

Educational services
• Guidance in the safe handling of lithium-ion battery technology as well as compliance with ADR regulations

Secure battery packaging and follow-up

Our ADR-compliant storage and containers are secure and suitable for the packaging of all sizes of industrial batteries for groups I and II. The customer portal offers real time follow-up for transportation and the complete battery recycling process.

Packaging Solution Services
• ADR-compliant packaging solutions for storage and transport

Customer Portal
• Material tracking in real time
• Packaging Material Tracking
• Risk assessment, monitoring in real time
• Secure real-time reporting

Challenges with recycling industrial-sized lithium-ion batteries

The secure industrial battery recycling process can be challenging and includes variables that are necessary to know. Our complete service offers all-in-one solution to meet your requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need answers for the following:

  • How to recycle large-sized lithium-ion batteries?
  • What should I know about the status of lithium-ion batteries before recycling?
  • How to pack lithium-ion batteries for safe transportation?
  • What kinds of documents are required to complete the lithium-ion battery recycling process?
  • Who is responsible for recycling large-sized lithium-ion batteries?
  • How do I ensure the batteries are recycled in compliance with the relevant standards?
  • Where can I get more information about recycling large-sized lithium-ion batteries?

The most common industrial battery types

Industrial batteries can be found everywhere and the secure recycling process have become more and more important. We have listed the most common types of industrial batteries that we process in daily basis.

Industrial battery types

Electric forklifts, cleaning machines, reserve power batteries, emergency exit batteries, backup batteries (e.g. cash machines), electric vehicle (EV), hybrid vehicle (HEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) batteries.

uRecycle solution – How does it work?

1. Place the order in the Client Portal and make a collection request.

2. Pack the battery in the container according to the instructions.

3. The container will be handled and transported in compliance with the ADR.

4. Recycling includes: storage, discharging, dismantling and materials recycling.
Recycling efficiency over 50%.

5. View your complete recycling report and documents.
Real-time follow-up during the process.