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Business Expansion with Formalised Partnership between uRecycle Ltd and H. Ripley & Co Ltd

As the growth in electrification of the UK’s automotive sector grows apace, so does the demand for the service provision to support it. From the growth of a truly national charging point network, to development of higher capacity electric vehicle (lithium ion) batteries, all the way through to  end of life vehicle dismantling and recycling of lithium ion batteries, the demands are ever increasing to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to meet the UK Governments targets in this sector.

It is therefore, our pleasure to announce that, as from 1st August 2020, uRecycle Ltd and H.Ripley & Co Ltd will commence a formalised partnership, with the latter taking a significant share-holding and a seat on the board, of the former, to enable uRecycle Ltd to be a significant business in the electrification of transport for the UK, as per the government’s requirements and expectation by 2032.

uRecycle Ltd will therefore, base it’s lithium battery recycling service at H. Ripley’s Hailsham location and will adopt and integrate all of H Ripley’s ISO standards and licensing accreditations into our own policies and processes to ensure a seamless service for our customers.

uRecycle has also developed a two-stage process for the processing of industrial lithium ion battery materials. The first stage is the separation of the compounds binding the elements in the lithium battery technology. This process is being delivered and built in H. Ripley & Co. Ltd. premises in Ashford, Kent with the expectation that this process will be operational by August 2020. The second stage of the process to totally encompass lithium ion processing is expected to be built and completed in 2021.

This is a first for the UK and Europe where we will be able to handle lithium battery production manufacturing and other similar products. The benefits of this brand new service is that, going forward the lithium cells and modules will be processed in the UK therefore, providing feed stocks of materials to the growing lithium battery manufacturing sector in the UK plus reduced costs and/or becoming cost neutral for certain chemistries of cells/modules for our customers.

Additionally, H. Ripley & Co Ltd will continue their core business of ferrous and non-ferrous recycling including lead acid industrial and automotive batteries and this will enhance the overall service portfolio helping to reduce CO2 emissions and costs.

We trust that you will welcome our business expansion and would be delighted to discuss with you at your convenience.