We offer a complete industrial battery recycling service for our clients.

Recycling Services:
• Permit compliance and approval
• Remove and recovery of industrial batteries and accumulators coupled with collection and transport
• Pre-treatment, discharging where required and disassembly to recover cell
• The recycling of materials
• Reporting to customer and authorities

Educational services:
• Guidance in safe handling of Lithium battery technology coupled with compliance of ADR regulations

Packaging Solution Services:
• Solutions for storage transport according to the requirements of ADR

Customer Portal:
• Material tracking in real time
• Packaging Material Tracking
• Risk assessment, monitoring in real time
• Secure real time reporting

Challenges in recycling industrial size Lithium batteries

• How to recycle large size Lithium batteries?
• What should I know about the status of the Lithium batteries before recycling?
• How to pack the Lithium batteries for the safe recycling transportation?
• What kind of documents are needed in complete Lithium battery recycling process?
• Who is responsible of recycling large size Lithium batteries?
• How to make sure that the batteries are recycled according to standards?
• Where can I get more information of recycling large size Lithium batteries?

The most common
industrial batteries

Electric forklift trucks, cleaning machines, swivel chairs, reserve power batteries, emergency exit batteries, back-up for (eg. Cash terminals), electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles (HEV) and plug in hybrid (), vehicle batteries.


uRecycle solution – How does it work?


1. Place the order in Client Portal and make a collection request.



2. Pack the battery to the container according the instructions.



3. The container will be handled and transported in accordance with the ADR.



4. Recycling  includes: storage, discharging, dismantling and recycling.
Recycling efficiency over 50%



5. View your complete recycling report and documents.

Real time follow-up during the process